James (Jim) Keller
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 "A Balanced Approach"
Three years ago the voters of Salem entrusted me with the honor of holding a seat on the Board of Selectman. My promise was to bring a new approach, an independent mind and experienced leadership. I believe I have fulfilled my promise, but much remains to be done.  

Salem is an evolving town with complex challenges and many competing priorities. We need experienced business leaders that understand how to manage an organization of this scale and magnitude. We must continue to strike a balance between the need for investment with affordability for our citizens. Over the past 3 years I am pleased to have worked with my fellow board members to reduce the town’s portion of the tax rate. However, we must not be satisfied. I will continue to lead Salem in a positive direction through thoughtful long term fiscal planning and discipline. These changes require thoughtful, intelligent, and collaborative methods. We must continue to push Salem in a positive direction with thoughtful long term fiscal planning that benefit both homeowners and our business community. For those of you that have watched me over the years I trust that you have witnessed my efforts to be fair, thorough, courteous, and professional. I will continue to bring this same approach to the Board of Selectmen if re-elected.

I have also had the privilege of volunteering on various committees and for many youth sports organizations. Professionally, I am an executive for a web technology company. I have two degrees from Bentley College and an MBA from Boston University. During the coming weeks I seek to further earn your confidence, trust and respect. I humbly request your support as I seek to once again earn the right to be seated as one of Salem’s next selectmen. 

I would appreciate one of  your votes for Selectman on March 10th! 

Thank You!