James (Jim) Keller
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Fiscal Responsibility
We face many demands on Salem's limited financial resources.  This requires thoughtful, creative, and perhaps unconventional approaches to managing our fiscal needs.  My philosophy is centered on the core concept of "affordability" and "value".   Each and every investment and budgetary decision we make must require detailed analysis that addresses these two factors. We cannot halt investment in our town, however, we must balance investment with a practical approach to long-term planning.
Throughout my career I have learned that compromise, collaboration, and joint problem solving are the pillars of any successful organization.  My approach is one grounded in sound listening, open collaboration and fair and open compromise towards achieving successful results.  
My 20+ years as a public servant on the Board of Selectmen,  Planning Board and various other committees has given me tremendous insight into the challenges our town faces.   As an executive within the high technology arena for over 25 years in both public and private companies, I have had to manage large groups of employees, large and complex budgets, and ever-changing economic forces.